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Hi, I am Emily

Glad you're pregnant!
Your Contraction Tracker

Always and everywhere there for you

I am Emily, your contraction assistant! I ensure that you always know how far along you are and will assist you from early training contractions to the contractions after birth. You can use me free of charge and also via your Apple Watch. And no worries, I will protect your data.

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Simple and practical

Record your contractions quickly and easily, use the accompanying breathing aid and compare your contractions on clear charts.

Understanding contractions

Get clear, understandable information about all contractions starting from the 20th week and how they differ. So you always know exactly what they mean!

Everything at a glance

Contractions that you record are processed in statistics so that you can immediately compare their duration, intervals and your feeling of pain.

Apple Watch Support

Emily gives you full control of your contractions around the clock, even when your hands are full: Now also via Apple Watch!


20,000+ happy Mothers

I think the app is great. All around satisfied with the easy handling. It would be great if you could save the contractions after birth!



An amazing app with fantastic features. Good information without getting too much of a good thing.



User-friendly, easy to understand, clearly arranged.


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At a glance

What I can do for you:

Intuitive contraction tracking and breathing aid

Clear visualization of your contractions

Concise statistics of duration, intervals and pain

Detailed information about all types of labour from the 20th week

Not everything has to be pink - choose your own color

Apple Watch App for easy, comfortable handling

Hi, I am Emily

Get Emily for free, now!

I'm Emily and I'm here for you with many practical functions: record your contractions from the 20th week of pregnancy and immediately understand what they mean, how far you are and what will help you in that moment. Pregnancy can be that easy!

P.S.: Ask me if you need any help:

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